Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2 months

Jeremy was out of town for about 5 weeks this month for work. He never travels with work but he became a new agent and had to do A TON of training. It was super hard having he away especially with a new baby. I also hated sleeping by myself but somehow we survived. This is when I finally figured Madie out and things started to click.

-       She went from being super fussy to super happy!
-       She loves bath time! She tries to lick the air and she started to suck on her tongue.
-       She holds her own hands and stares at them cross-eyed.
-       She loves tummy time and started to roll from her tummy to her back.
-       She weighed 9 lbs 4 oz (13%) and was 22.75 inches (66%) long at her appointment.
-       She was so tough during her shots and I literally bawled.
-       She graduated from preemie diapers to newborn. And newborn clothes are too big on her.
-       She has bad reflux and spits up all the time. We always have to have a bib on her.
-       Went to St. George for the 1st time.
-       Got to meet Mike and Jen for the 1st time.
-       I don’t think that I could love her more and then somehow I do.

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